I’m Broken – Part 1

by Kris

Hi. My name Is Kris. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have suffered deep depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Also there are times of social anxiety, mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and hyper vigilance.

I haven’t always been like this.

It was 5th October 2014 where my life would change forever. My life partner of ten years is in prison for attempted murder: of me.

I was bludgeoned over the head with a champagne bottle as I slept in bed. I managed to get myself out of the flat and to the next door neighbour. I fell to the floor unconscious. My partner came out and began attacking me with a cast iron skillet.

Where the strength came from to get myself to the paramedics I do not know, but it was that strength that got me through my living nightmare.

I was in resuss for about seven hours. I nearly bled to death from the wound on my head. I went into cardiac arrest. The only time I felt anything was when my heart broke.

When I was taken in to AAU the following morning I was numb. The police came to see me. They informed me that my partner had been arrested for attempted murder. I was in shock.

I started to have memory loss. The police had me write down all my flashbacks and nightmares of the attack to help make my statement. My first statement was simple: I can not make a statement because I cannot remember anything.

Then my journey with The Black Dog began.



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