Ways I’m living through BPD

by Lisa Lewis-Martin

I’ve lived with Borderline Personality Disorder the majority of my life and have picked up a few tips on how to best live with BPD. Below are some of the things that have helped me the most over the years.

No Triggers!
Know what your triggers are and do your best to limit your exposure to these. Let loved ones know what your triggers are so you are both/all well prepared!
For me it is a song, a memory that you may relay if a reminder of it comes and hits you right in the face, a place, a name (again for me), etc.

A Hot shower:
It is a good therapy, I can talk or rant to myself without anybody listening, I can cry much harder with the water running down along with my tears, concentrate on the water on my shoulders.  Take as long as you need!

Having time on your own:
And when I say that, for me it means every day, all day. I have not got my own home, or even my own private room, I’m staying with family and although it’s not ideal for any of us it’s really helped me, or else I would be on the streets!
But, in the room I stay. I don’t want to go out, I don’t like people, they look at you as if they can see you’re a freak or simply different, you don’t want conversations because you can’t seem to put any words together or say the right thing, or the words come out wrong – there are so many examples of why I don’t go out.
There are more people out there that look better than me too, I don’t need that on top of everything else, no thank you!

Writing Blogs ~ Just like this.
It maybe helps when it’s down on paper, so to speak, and gives me something to do, and something else to focus on. It also helps others like you!

Get involved in Social media BPD groups:
You will know which ones to choose, and which ones you just don’t need.
Everyone in there understands you! It’s some comfort, let me tell you!

These are just a few that I’ve mentioned, there are others, but you with BPD know what they are…



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