My Brave Face

By Anonymous

What you call coldness
Impassive in any place
Takes so much strength
To keep up my brave face

And pouring balm on troubled minds
To help troubled souls through troubled times
Feeling panic and fear give their chase
I hide behind my brave face

My brave face that makes sympathy a mirror
Where you’re the saint and I’m the sinner
Like arrows into Gullivers back
Their words needles constant attack

On my brave face.

There’s nothing that annoys them more
Can’t be broken conventions ignored
Pile more trouble down on my plate
To see tears on my brave face

A whipping girl primary care
Is someone else’s pain there
In transient faith in yourself
Can lead to shunned for mental health

The explanations people give
The locked door where your heart should live
Corrupted in that classic case
Of broken heart but
My brave face


Reproduced with permission, originally published here



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