Bruised Beautiful Minds

By Claudia Kelly

Mentally ill but creative still.
Beautiful sculptures he design’s before his mind becomes uninspired,
before time for his pill.
He step’s back and view’s his master piece just a quick infill and with expertise he remolds the structure’s smile,
he look’s with intensity a reminder of his defiled,
he hold’s back the tear’s to cry.
The up and down mood’s he tries to defy,
such a talented man but daily he lives a lie.
The concealment of an illnesses which at its very worst,
to silence it is to die.
He takes the medication no time to ponder over his situation,
pallet’s and clay he packs away,
he starts to perspire at the thought of leaving the house today.
“But It’s OK” he shall put on his mask that represent,
“Can You See Behind The Pretence?”.
His laughter never relents.
On with the “Show”,
his mantra,
his quiet defence.

© Claudia Kelly 2015

Claudia Kelly is hereby identified as author of this work in accordance with Section 77 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.



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