One Day

By Anon

Well how do I put this? I was alone for a long time I wasn’t allowed much company. I got to class by 6:30am and left for home at 6pm.

I wanted friends but everyone thought I was too weird because of my accent, I didn’t mind though, I just hung out with my pets. I had two cats and a dog Taffy, Saffy, and Happy. My grandfather gave them to me before he died so i wouldn’t be lonely, they were my friends for eleven years but they were put down two months before I was sent to boarding school.

I was completely alone there, the other girls were… well… things are different there… Like If We Did Something wrong we could be beaten as seen fit. I was beaten till I couldn’t write for days, blood had clotted in my palms but eventually they hardened. For being late or failing a test I’d be canned or slapped, then the girls would lash out at each other because of stress.

We weren’t allowed to walk only run MBR movement by running I still find it silly. Our hair was supposed to be in a pony tail or bun, I was shaved for letting it down its still not grown back to its former glory I guess I’m being materialistic I’m sorry.

The kitchen staff let me play with their cat he kept the mice away I called him snowy he was my friend for all those years until I cleared I went back for him but they told me he had been hit by a motor bike and died. I know it’s weird but I just froze I felt cold but in a good way, I thought that’s how snow would feel (I’ve never seen it) and I think he’s still with me.

I’m in college now, I glossed over the physical self inflicted injuries because I don’t care about them anymore. I have a friend now a human one she’s called tabby(ironic)! We have so much fun she helps when I get low and I’ve learned to be happy on my own.

I turn 20 next year we’ve decided to travel the world together having adventures and making memories it’s going to get better guys I know it will!



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