The depression is everywhere

By Kelley Gonzalez

The depression is everywhere. leaking on the floors, staining the walls, dripping off everything i touch.

Woke up this morning. Felt fine til my feet hit the floor. Stepped in some depression. Can’t get it off my foot so it follows me all morning while i try to get my daughter ready for school.

It touches everything i need to touch. Bumped into some on the wall now its on my shoulder weighing me down.

Now i can barely walk. Its on both feet now. Creeping along both shoulders. I’m trying to get along with the day.

Every new thing i touch gets hit with the depression. It was happy and had a purspose and now it doesn’t.

It doens’t mean anything. I’m trying to get my daily chores done, its on my hands, weighing on fingers making them unworkable and numb.

I try to make phone calls but the depression has got to my voice i cant make sentences.

I cant get out what i want i cant get my point across. What is the point. There is no point.

The day is almost over I’m covered in depression now. there is not a clean happy spot on me.

I’m dark all over. Trying to get to bed. The bed is full of depression. It calls me in, you’re safe here, we like you here, no one needs you here, come sleep away the pain away, sleep the depression away.

When i wake up i will be clear and everything will be clean on me. But the depression is everywhere



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