Town I Loved So Well

By Anonymous

I’ve always lived in Ireland. I’ve always been proud to call myself Irish because of how well the nation is able to support each other in times of need, despite any differences. Life here is quiet, for the most part.

St Patrick’s Day is a time we all come together to celebrate the fact we’re Irish and show our pride in our country and all that we’ve achieved. However, this year it will be very different and very hard to celebrate. Since the start of 2017, many lives have been destroyed, countless families torn apart. Due to lack of support with mental health issues, drugs and alcohol abuse and reasons unknown to many, there have been too many brave souls lost to suicide. Some of them are yet to be found after entering rivers late at night.

There’s a dark cloud hanging over the community that makes me doubt how proud I really am.

Mental health is much more powerful than we think it to be. However dark the city feels, I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and right now the light takes the form of local people coming out and showing their support for anybody who is struggling. At a time like this it seems that’s all they can do.

For more on the rates of suicide in Ireland follow this link

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